Concerts of Prayer in Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho


May 3, 1990, held at First Church of the Nazarene on the National Day of Prayer

                Opening Worship

                Welcome and Opening Prayer (Eric Swisher)

                Speaker: Rick Lunsford, Concerted Prayer for Revival

                Corporate Prayer

                          1. Give thanks for the many blessings our country has received from God throughout the years (led by Father Richard Miller)

                          2. Acknowledge our dependence upon God (led by Pastor Mike Sterns)

                          3. Recognize our need for personal and corporate renewal of moral values and make appropriate commitments (led by Pastor                                        Danny Talley)

                          4. Seek God’s guidance for our nation’s government and community leaders (led by Charles Barnes)

                          5. Pray for the lost both near and far (led by Pastor Herb Stoneman)

               Corporate Worship


March 15, 1991, held at Eagle Rock Baptist Church

                Welcome and Opening Prayer (Charles Barnes)


                Speaker: Max Hatfield, founder, Friendship Evangelism International, “Worldwide Revival”

                Corporate Prayer

                         1. Praise our God, the God of all peoples, for His mighty deeds in working to redeem for Himself a people from every tribe and                                       tongue and people and nation (led by Pastor Mike Stearns)

                         2. Confession of our corporate disobedience to Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations (led by Pastor Dave Gibson)

                         3. Intercession for the Middle East (led by Rev. Rudy Patrick)

                         4. Intercession for the peoples of Eastern Europe and Soviet Republics (led by Rev. Ken Schmuland)

                         5. Prayers for and dedication to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our generation (led by Pastor Rick Lundsford)


May 17, 1991, held at Alliance Covenant Church 

                Opening Prayer

                Worship (led by Alliance Covenant Ensemble)

                Speaker Jim Watt, Chairman, Northwest Prayer Network, “Prayer and Revival in the Northwest”

                Corporate Prayer

                    1. Repentance


                                For relinquishing of the priesthood in our homes and churches

                                For the sins of our fathers

                    2. Restoration

                                Of the priesthood in our homes and churches

                                Bless those whom we have wronged

                    3. Unity in Prayer and Relationships

                                In the home

                                In the church

                                Among spiritual leaders

                                Among city prayer groups

                    4. Call for blessing and revival through worship; declaration of the Lord Jesus Christ as King over Idaho Falls and all of Southeast                                  Idaho


May 24, 1991 Regional Concert of Prayer held at the Civic Auditorium in Blackfoot


October 25, 1991, held at New Life Assembly of God Church 

                Welcome and Opening Prayer


                Speaker, Ray Vinson, Idaho Falls Family Life Enrichment Center

                Corporate Prayer

                   1. Praise for God’s Plan for the Family (led by Eric and Lori Swisher)

                                The divine model – the love of the Father, the obedience of the Son

                                The future hope – the marriage feast of the Lamb

                                The blessings of husbands, wives and children

                   2. Confession for falling short of God’s Plan for the Family (led by Pastor Mike Stearns)

                                Failure to make Christ the center of our homes

                                Failure to obey Christ’s commands to husbands, wives and children

                                Failure to fulfill marriage vows

                                Failure to stand against forces destroying families in our society

                   3. Intercession for God’s People (led by Pastor Dave Gibson)

                                Unity and spiritual authority in Christian marriages

                                Specific needs of those you’re praying with

                                Calling for blessings on husbands, wives, children and single-parent families

                   4. Intercession for God’s Kingdom (led by Ray Vinson)

                                The White Ribbon against Porn Campaign

                                Child-abuse, divorce, abortion, drug and alcohol addiction…

                                For families to come to Christ


May 7, 1992, held at New Life Assembly of God on the National Day of Prayer 

                Welcome and Opening Prayer (Mike Stearns)

                Worship (led by Lori Swisher)

                Concerts of Prayer – What are they? (Charles Barnes)

                Corporate Prayer

                        1. Praise and Thanksgiving for God’s Blessings on America (led by Pastor Charles Scott)

                        2. Confession of the Sins of America (led by Rev. Rich Laux)

                        3. Prayer for the Churches of America (led by Rev. Ken Winter)

                        4. Prayer for the Families of America (led by Ray Vinson)

                        5. Prayer for the Youth of America (led by Rev. Rick Lunsford)


August 30, 1992, held at Alliance Covenant Church

                Welcome (Ralph Marks, Jr.)

                Worship (led by Alliance Covenant Worship Team)

                Corporate Prayer

                        1.  The Cleansing of Wrong Attitudes within the Church (led by Pastor Rick Lunsford)

                        2.  World Evangelization and the Great Commission (led by Rev. Ken Winter)

                        3.  Community Issues (led by Ray Vinson)

                        4. Youth in Idaho Falls (led by Pastor James Ingram)

                        5. The need for revival, rain from heaven and fresh fire (led by Pastor Charles Scott)

                        6.  Unity in the Body of Christ and bridge building among churches and peoples in the community (led by Pastor Dave Gibson)


               Closing Prayer and Special Focus on God’s Promise (Jerry Shoup)


November 1, 1992, held at First Presbyterian Church

                Welcome and Opening Prayer

                Worship and Praise (led by Rev. Ralph & Kim Marks)

                Speaker, Jerry Shoup, Pastor of New Hope Community Church in IF, “Revival: Repentance and Prayer”

                Corporate Prayer

                         1. Seeking the Lord together – for God to dwell in our midst

                                    For revival in our churches (led by Rev. Ken Winter)

                                    For revival in our nation (led by Pastor Mike Stearns)

                         2. Claiming God’s grace, practicing justice, kindness & compassion, being a blessing

                                    Within the city (led by Pastor James Ingram)

                                    Among the nations (led by Pastor John Milloway)

                Closing Prayer (Rev. Rick Lunsford)


December 31, 1992, held at Westside Assembly of God

                Welcome and Opening Prayer (Charles Barnes)

                Worship (led by Pastor Rudi Patrick)

                Corporate Prayer

                           1. Physical Healing (introduced by Rick Lunsford)

                           2. Emotional and Spiritual Healing (introduced by Sandie Major)

                           3. Healing in our churches (introduced by Charles Barnes)

                           4. Healing in our nation (introduced by Pastor Rudy Patrick

                Communion (led by Pastor Dave Gibson)


March 26, 1993, Solemn Assembly held at Calvary Baptist Church

                Opening Prayer and Introduction to the Solemn Assembly (Charles Barnes)

                Celebrate what God is Doing – Praise and Thanksgiving

                Confer with God – looking at Isaiah 61: silent reflection and corporate prayer (led by Rick Lunsford)

                Confession - silent reflection and corporate prayer (led by Ron Neve)

                Call to Prayer and Consecration                 (led by Leon Jensen)

                Covenant to Pray and Fast (led by Charles Barnes)


January 7, 1994, held at Seventh Day Adventist Church

                Opening Prayer (Pastor Doug Bryan)

                Worship (Family Bible Church worship team)

                Report from the 10/40 Window Intercession team (Leon Jensen)

                Corporate Prayer

                             1. Cleansing the church, God’s dwelling place, through repentance (led by Lori Swisher)

                             2. Intercession for Eastern Idaho – Laying the foundation for revival through united prayer

                             3. Moral purity and the “Why Wait” campaign (introduced by Virginia Crawford)

                             4. Revival and Harvest – Eastern Idaho World Impact Tour (introduced by Pastor Les Moore)

                             5. Spiritual Mapping Network (introduced by Charles Barnes, prayer by area pastors)

                Challenge to United Prayer

                Closing Song


May 20, 1994, Regional Concert of Prayer held in Blackfoot 

                Welcome and Opening Prayer (Rev. Les Moore)

                Worship (led by Don King)

                Preparation to Pray (introduced by Charles Barnes)

                Corporate Prayer

                            1. Releasing Workers into the Harvest (introduced by Pastor Rick Brown)

                            2. Claiming the Promise of Revival (introduced by Joanie DeLong)

                            3. Reclaiming the Land (introduced by Charles Barnes)

                            4. Intercession for the Shoshone-Bannocks

                World Impact Tour Update – Steve Watts, Youth with a Mission


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