The book "Jesus in Idaho Falls" is a work in progress.  These pages contain the current draft and our current thinking on how best to organize the stories and material we're collecting.  Some of these sections are yet to be written. We welcome comments, suggestions, ways to improve what we have and submissions of new material. Here is the present Table of Contents:

1.  Introduction

1.1   Idaho Falls, Transformed

1.2   Jesus, Incorporated

1.3   God at Work

1.4   Jesus in Idaho Falls - Purpose


2.  Idaho Falls

           2.1 1863

           2.2 Water

           2.3 People of Idaho Falls

           2.4 Geography of Idaho Falls and the Surrounding Area

           2.5 Idaho Falls Businesses

           2.6 Idaho Falls Power Generation

           2.7 Idaho Falls and the Idaho National Laboratory

           2.8 The Darker Side of Idaho Falls


3.  Jesus

           3.1 Jesus the Creator

           3.2 Jesus, the Word Made Flesh

           3.3 Jesus, Crucified, Raised and Seated at the Right Hand of God

           3.4 Jesus, Living in His Followers


4.  Creation and New Creation


4.1 Creation

4.2 New Creation

          4.2.1 Rob & Vicki Callantine


5.  I Will Build My Church


            5.1 Where two or three are gathered

            5.2 Rebecca Brown Mitchell and Rick Brown

                      5.2.1 Glimpses from My Life – Rebecca Mitchell

                      5.2.2 Rick Brown and Calvary Chapel/Watersprings

            5.3 Stories of the early churches

                      5.3.1 Samuel Wishard

                      5.3.2 The Swedish Mission Churches

                      5.3.3 The Beginning of First Christian Church

5.3.4 A Church in Idaho Falls Planted by a Student Missionary Pastor from Squirrel, Idaho

            5.4 Nine who came home                                

            5.5 How the revival of the 1970's affected Idaho Falls

 5.6 From the revival of the 1970's to the multiplication of churches in the 1990's

5.6.1 Community Bible Fellowship/Christ Community Church

5.6.2 Family Bible Church 

            5.7 To every people

                      5.7.1 Calvary Baptist’s church planting efforts

                      5.7.2 The African American churches of Idaho Falls

                      5.7.3 The Hispanic churches of Idaho Falls

             5.8 New churches of the 90’s & recent church plants

             5.9 One Body, One Lord


6.  Called and Sent by God


6.1 Called to Idaho Falls

          6.1.1 Dr. Joseph Gullick

          6.1.2 Alipio Amaral

          6.1.3 Anthony Manzanares

          6.1.4 Thana Singarajah

          6.1.5 Tony Maupin

 6.2 Called to – and sent from – Idaho Falls

          6.2.1 Jim Spencer 

6.3 Sent from Idaho Falls

          6.3.1 An INL Manager

          6.3.2 Teams sent by an Idaho Falls church to an unreached people group in an Asian country


7.  Answers to Prayer


7.1 Healings at Cornerstone Assembly of God



8.  Other Glimpses of Jesus’ Kingdom, Power and Glory






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